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I Wrote a Book…Now What?

I wrote a book… Now what?

So as many of you know, Red Picket Fences is set to be published (very) soon. The book is finally complete. No more re-writes, no more tweaking, editing, formatting. It’s COMPLETELY done. I was at a loss as to what to do with myself. I know that I have marketing to do (marketing plan – check!)

I’m not sure why I was feeling lost. After countless hours listening to self-publishing podcasts, reading articles and speaking with other indie authors on social media, I knew exactly what I needed to do.


I know this sounds insane. I just spent months writing and perfecting this manuscript. I should be sipping champagne, working through my reading pile, watching hours of reality television to just decompress. I mean I WROTE A BOOK! It’s cause for celebration! Believe me, I’ll celebrate, I’ll do all of those other things, but in order for book one to sell better, in order to keep the attention of any readers I might acquire, I need to work on book two.


So here I go, off to the abyss. Wish me luck!




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