It’s Finally Friday! Cozy Mystery Recommendations for 3/5.

Hi All!

First off, I’m blown away by all of the responses that I received last week. There were too many to respond to, (which is a first for me). However, rest assured, I read them all.

After her first bath!

Our sweet little Daisy Mae is adjusting to life in our family quite nicely. She’s 11 weeks old, gained 2 pounds, can sit, and has already learned her name! We’re going to introduce her to our chickens next week. (Wish us luck!)

I’m very excited by how Death at Rugosa Bay is shaping up. I think this is going to be my best book yet! I love escaping into the world of that quaint little beach town each morning as I write. I hope you feel the same way. May 1st is right around the corner!

We have some major yard work planned for this weekend. However each night I plan to spend a little time with some of these recommendations!

Page Contains Affiliate Links.

That’s all for this week!

Stay Cozy,


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