Back in action!

Hi All!

I hope all is well with you. I’ve been busy in the garden, and things are coming along quite nicely. The baby chicks are adjusting to their new coop quite nicely. Little miss Daisy Mae has reached her rebellious stage, and has needed a little extra time and attention.

I’ve also gotten back into cooking which I haven’t really done in awhile… I mean, I’ve cooked but it’s mainly just been simple meals. I haven’t made anything complex and involved for quite some time. 1. My kids are picky, and 2. My husband and I have been on restrictive diets so there wasn’t much wiggle room. However, there’s just something about the nice weather, and the ability to eat out on our porch that makes me crave a big bowl of linguini and clams. My 5 & 8 year old LOVED it, and my hubby had two bowls. What are your spring/summer must have dishes?

I’ve taken a breather from writing a bit to regroup for the new series. Mark your calendars, for those who have not yet read the books in my series, the collection goes on sale tomorrow morning (5/13) at 8AM EST!!!

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That’s all for this week!

Stay Cozy,


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