Mystery Thriller and Suspense!

Hi All,

I’ve been busy working on outlines and designing covers for my next series. Depending on how things go with another super secret project I’m hoping to participate in, I should have some details about the next series VERY SOON.

The kids and I are thisclose to finishing school for the year. I can’t wait! (I’m sure they are eager as well, Haha)

Other than the impromptu pizza party we had last night with our friends and neighbors (which was super fun, and much needed) this week has been otherwise uneventful.

On another note, I’m in a recipe rut. My friend texted me the other day asking for elevated lunch ideas for guests she was having this weekend. The best I could come up with was a “fancy deli platter.” Now, it was after 10PM on a weeknight, but that’s no excuse. If you have any easy lunch recipes to send to my friend, please let me know!

I’m participating in a Mystery Thriller and Suspense promo this week. Click below to check it out. There are some cozy reads included. I’m also a fan of thrillers as well, so I picked up a few.

CLICK HERE (I checked the link this time! Haha)

Anyway, that’s all for now!

Stay safe and stay cozy,


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