New Year, New Books, New Beginnings

Hi All!

Happy 2022! I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year celebration. My little family spent the evening eating appetizers and playing board games. We did our countdown at 9 P.M. and called it a night! It was a lovely way to cap off 2021.

Post contains Amazon Affiliate Links

I already have some exciting plans cooked up for the year, but before I get to that, I wanted to let you know that Once Upon a Halloween is $0.99 from now until 1/7/2022. This is your last chance to buy the ebook before it’s unpublished forever. You’ll still be able to get the paperback, but the ebook will be unavailable for future purchases very soon.

In other exciting news, I’ve joined a team of dozens of other authors to create a Cozy Mystery book club! SIGN UP HERE to get two free books a month, join book discussions, meet the author & more!

I’m so happy to kick off this new year sharing these great opportunities to discover new authors!

Until next time, Stay cozy!


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