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Thanksgiving Recipe Round-up!

Hi All!

You didn’t ask, but I answered. This is what I plan to make for Thanksgiving this year. Once again, we’re having a smaller gathering than in years past. I typically host upwards of 25 people, and it’s not just family. Anyone who has found themselves in need of a place to go has always been welcome at my table. Friends have become family in this way, and it’s always been a fun and festive event. I’m hoping things will normalize a bit for next year so we can resume the tradition.

I’ve been hosting Thanksgiving since I was 19. I’m now 40 something with two kids, and I’ve always made family recipes (along with one new recipe) each year. I’ve taken note of each person’s favorite side, and make sure to incorporate it into the meal. Since this year is different, I’m going to try something new. After pouring through stacks of Thanksgiving magazines with my little boys, we didn’t quite find anything that excited us. With the guest list being much smaller (6 of us), we’ve got to pare things down in terms of variety, so I wanted to make each dish count. We threw in the towel after an hour or so of searching, but I kept it in the back of my mind as I need to get to the grocery store ASAP.

Later on that evening, like a bolt of lighting, (which felt like more like a warm hug) it hit me. The boys and I would prepare a Ree Drummond Thanksgiving! We love to snuggle up and watch her show. The boys get excited every time they see a Pioneer Woman product in the store. They jump up and down and shout, “Mom it’s our favorite lady!

So it only seemed fitting that the theme for this year’s feast would be none other than the Pioneer Woman.

Thankfully, she’s been sharing some really winning recipes on her Facebook Page, and the planning was basically done for me! (THANK YOU REE DRUMMOND!)


Typically, I do a zillion apps. This year, I’m going to put a small batch around lunch time. This way, the family can pick at things while I cook away in the kitchen!

Cranberry Brie Bites

Cocktail Meatballs (I might omit Sriracha)

Sausage Pinwheels

Fig and Goat Cheese Bruschetta

Main & Side:

No traditional recipes this year. All new!

Dry Brine Turkey

Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash

Sweet Potato Casserole

Green Bean Casserole


Skillet Biscuits with Honey Butter


Last year, I attempted the Piecaken. I made the frosting ahead, and it curdled on me on Thanksgiving day. When I saw THIS RECIPE I knew I had to make it. I’m making a ton of desserts. I love pie for breakfast the morning after a holiday!

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Apple Pie

I’m compiling my grocery list now, and I can’t wait to get cooking! I’ll post pictures of the results in my Facebook Group. For those of you not celebrating or hosting, Here is a sweet cozy mystery deal to keep you busy.

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Treat Yourself…

The day has finally arrived Once Upon a Halloween is LIVE on Amazon!

Did you see the video I posted about this the other day? This thing is a MONSTER! This book has been slowly getting me in the Halloween Spirit! We’re having some construction done, and I can’t decorate the way I normally would (10 bins and counting), so this is just what I needed to help perk me up!

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I’ve been keeping a secret from you all…

For several months now, I’ve had to keep a secret… and I did it. If you know me this was a very difficult task!

I can finally announce that my short story, Murder at the Pawstume Party has been accepted into a cozy mystery anthology! I’m beyond excited to have a story featured alongside so many talented authors. You guys are going to LOVE this book. It’ll get you in the Halloween mood for sure.

Speaking of the Halloween mood…

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That’s all for now!

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Pssst… Did you hear the news?

UnPawful Activity, book one in my new series is up for pre-order!

With nothing but a suitcase of clothes, and her rescue pup Daisy Mae, Carrie Blackburn left her life behind in Boston, for a fresh start in her hometown of Willow Lake.

Things get off to a ruff start when Carrie and her canine companion stumble upon a dead body at the grand opening of her new Barkery, Daisy Mae’s Pawstries and Pupcakes.

When it turns out the dead man is the same man that half of Main Street saw Carrie argue with earlier, all eyes are on her as the prime suspect.

If the killer expects Carrie to roll over and play dead, they’re barking up the wrong tree.

Will Carrie and Daisy Mae do the im-pawsible and sniff out clues to dig up the killer and save Carrie’s reputation and business?

Or will the long leash of the law, and the hunky new police detective tie them to the murder?

Sit. Stay. Solve a Murder. Grab Unpawful Activity today!

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For Cozy Mystery Lovers Only…

Hi All!

I hope your summer is going well. I’ve had a few bumps in the road the past few weeks, but I think things are looking up now.

I’ve completed the first draft of a short story for an anthology. It’s a sneak peek into my next series, and I’m so excited about it. I’m enjoying these new characters and this new world that I’m building.

For my Jennifer Temple lovers, her story isn’t over just yet. I have at least one more book and a short story planned for next year.

Did I tell you guys about this???


If you are a member of my reader group, you saw the story of Gizmo, and how he became part of our family.

If you haven’t gotten around to it yet, check out Death at Rugosa Bay. I’ve been getting personal feedback from friends and family, and I can honestly say that this is my best book yet. It’s a perfect summer read. Also, please feel free to drop me a line. I’ve had so many enjoyable discussions with you guys!

Also, I’m participating in a $0.99 cozy mystery promo this weekend. There are some great books included.


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I think that’s all for now! I’ll be doing a cover reveal on my next series very soon.

Stay tuned, and stay cozy.



Have You Heard About Kindle Vella?

Hi Guys!

I’m popping on to tell you about a new serialized fiction platform called Kindle Vella I’m hooked! When it first launched last week, there were only 7 Cozy Mystery Authors on the platform, and now there are over 30!

Personally, I read more than cozy mystery, and I know many of you do to. Here is a link to a Kindle Vella promo. The first three episodes of each series is FREE and Amazon gives you free tokens to read on.

I’m also participating in a Sweet Summer Reads promo. I scored a FREE Agatha Ball Mystery!

In case you missed it, last week, I shared my favorite Macaroni and Cheese recipe. Check it out here.

That’s all for now! Have a great week!