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Pembury Acres Mysteries: Books 1- 4

She’s got a messy bun, and she’s chasing killers on the run.

Books 1-4 in the Pembury Acres Mystery Series by Daphne McLean

Book One – Red Picket Fences

Book Two – Body in the Begonias

Book 3 – Death at a Dinner Party

Book 4 – Death at Rugosa Bay

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll sleuth.

Do you love stories with humor? Quirky Characters? Compelling mysteries that will keep you guessing until the end? This series has it all. Light a candle, grab a warm beverage, and cozy up with this mystery today!

Once Upon A Halloween

Halloween, the day where the veil between the normal and the paranormal is as thin as a whisker on a witch’s chin…

Twenty-three original cozy mystery authors cook up tales of fun, mayhem, and murder!

With a sprinkle of seniors with sharp minds and smart mouths, a dash of witches and familiars and more sass than sense, and a pinch of whodunits in quaint little towns.

Once Upon a Halloween has your next favorite author. Who will it be?

Unpawful Activity

With nothing but a suitcase of clothes, and her rescue pup Daisy Mae, Carrie Blackburn left her life behind in Boston, for a fresh start in her hometown of Willow Lake

Things get off to a ruff start when Carrie and her canine companion stumble upon a dead body at the grand opening of her new Barkery, Daisy Mae’s Pawstries and Pupcakes.

When it turns out the dead man is the same man that half of Main Street saw Carrie argue with earlier, all eyes are on her as the prime suspect.

If the killer expects Carrie to roll over and play dead, they’re barking up the wrong tree.

Will Carrie and Daisy Mae do the im-pawsible and sniff out clues to dig up the killer and save Carrie’s reputation and business?

Or will the long leash of the law, and the hunky new police detective tie them to the murder?

Sit. Stay. Solve a Murder.

Red Picket Fences

The truth is hidden…will she find it before bath time?

Nothing of note ever happens in Jennifer’s sleepy little neighborhood other than the occasional kerfuffle over grass length. As a stay-at-home mom, the only danger she comes across is in the true-crime novels she devours at night.

But when a house fire results in the death of her two neighbors, Jennifer discovers that things are not always what they seem.

By poking her nose in where it doesn’t belong, she puts herself up against a local police chief eager to close the case, a husband desperate to keep her safe, and a killer who wants her out of the way.

This cozy mystery begs the question, “How well do you know your neighbors?”


Body in the Begonias

The murderer is in prison…

…but did he act alone?

As a test to see if she truly wants dip her toes into the waters of private investigation, stay-at-home mother, Jennifer Temple agrees to take a look at a previously solved case that seems a bit off to the local Police Chief.

By delving into this decade-old case, Jennifer quickly finds herself entangled between two feuding sisters and a gardener who is sitting in prison for the murder of their mother.

Can she uncover the truth and potty train her son?

Fresh off the heels of solving a murder in her own little town, true crime aficionado, Jennifer Temple is back at it!

Death at a Dinner Party

A woman’s death is apparently from natural causes…

…but is something more sinister at play?

What was to be the grand finale of a neighborhood traveling dinner party ends in tragedy just as the evening’s final toast is given. Was the death actually caused by foul play?

Desperate to find the truth, the deceased woman’s husband reaches out to Jennifer Temple, a stay-at-home mother and private investigator in training, for help.

Jennifer encounters a cast of wicked characters as she seeks to find answers. If she doesn’t solve the case, her career may be dead before it even starts.

Death at a Dinner Party is book three in the Jennifer Temple Cozy Mystery series

Death at Rugosa Bay

Wherever she goes…

…True Crime finds her

Stay-at-home mom and PI in training Jennifer Temple is trying to enjoy her yearly vacation on Rugosa Bay, but that pesky crime investigation happening on the beach keeps calling her name.

When the body of a local bar fly is found buried in the sand, Jennifer has to balance relaxation with her urge to get to the bottom of things. In a tight-knit beach community, where locals stick together, the truth may be difficult to come by.

This cozy mystery features a cast of lovable but quirky characters.

Grab your Mai Tai, your favorite beach chair, and dig into this cozy mystery this May!