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Lots of Coziness in One Little Post

Hi All!

Thank you to all who reached out about my eyes. I’m happy to report, that my vision is back to normal! My launch party went off without a hitch and a good time was had by all. In fact, I had such a good time, that I neglected to take one picture.  Suffice it to say there were lots of desserts, lots of laughs and lots of Prosecco. 😉

Springlike weather is finally arriving at my neck of the woods next week, and I cannot wait to get outside. I’m really looking forward to the days when I can take my laptop out on the porch to write. As much as I’m excited to be writing on my porch, I’m even more excited to be reading on my porch.

I’ve been loading up my Kindle with lots of coziness lately. Here’s what I’m adding to my TBR (To Be Read) list this week:

Before I get to my list, I also wanted to let you know that Red Picket Fences is being featured in not one but TWO fantastic promos this weekend. Check out all of the awesome authors who are also featured.


All of the books in this promo are $0.99!


All books in this promo, are either free or are $0.99!

Now, onto my picks for the week!

Bath Bombs & Beyond (A Bathhouse Row Cozy Mystery Book 1)


Get your copy here.

A dead cabaret singer? Poisoned bath bombs? Impossible.
Patti mixed the bath bombs herself. 

Who would believe Patti’s slight concussion gave her the ability to communicate with the dead?
Nobody, especially not her fussbudget partner Sandy.
Who is the dead person she can see? Fanny Doyle, that’s who, a chatty Technicolor ghost who was once Al Capone’s seamstress. Why has Fanny hung around the empty shop waiting so long? She has a big problem and now that Patti can, see and talk to her, she wants help solving the mystery.
With all the shop’s opening weekend bad luck has the Row’s competition put a hex on the newest soap shop on Central Avenue? Maybe. They’re jealous hags who would want Bathhouse Row Soapery to fail.
How does Patti solve the mystery of the poisoned bath bombs? Will Fanny leave Hot Springs without knowing what happened on the day she died? Download your copy of Bath Bombs & Beyond today. Help solve the mysteries and enjoy the fizzy good time on Bathhouse Row.

Previous Engagements: A Press Pass Mystery (Press Pass Mysteries Book 1)


Get your copy here.

Senator Morgan Maxwell’s fiancée is dead and it’s not the first time.

Boston reporter, Ali Loukas, has her sights set on advancing from radio newscaster to TV correspondent, so when the Maxwell story practically drops into her lap, she seizes the opportunity to solve the murder, scoop her competitors, and move up the broadcasting ladder.

But gaining access to evidence and witnesses without stepping on the toes of a family friend, Detective Ryan McGuire, could be tricky.

Despite a knife wedged in her front door and opposition from the police, Ali is determined to prove that she can find the answers, solve the crime and earn the dream job–if she can stay alive to make it all happen.

A Bell in the Garden (A Spicetown Mystery Book 2)


Get your copy here.

When the owner of a new business digs up buried bones on opening day, the rumor mill in Spicetown comes alive!

Mayor Cora Mae Bingham and Police Chief Conrad Harris are faced with the Chamber of Commerce President on a rampage, the sweet biscotti-baking neighbor living a lie, the notorious town floozy being misunderstood and everyone in town speculating about who is missing.

Figuring out who the bones belong to will open up the cold cases in Spicetown and unearth all the old gossip that was never truly buried. Cora Mae and Chief Harris learn a few things about their fellow citizens along the way.


That’s all for now! Please let me know what you bought! Have a great week!

Stay Cozy,